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HomeBusinessCrayfish Fire Over Winter Internet Thinking Gives Xuyi Crayfish a New Way-Chinanews
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Crayfish Fire Over Winter Internet Thinking Gives Xuyi Crayfish a New Way-Chinanews

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Crayfish Fire Over Winter Internet Thinking Gives Xuyi Crayfish a New Way-Chinanews

  Internet thinking has given Xuyi crayfish a new way out——

  Crayfish fire for winter

Our reporter Ao Rong

In January, the peak season for crayfish sales has passed. Walking into Xuyi, Jiangsu, there is no hot and delicious summer fragrance, there are few foreigners on the street, and more local familiar faces.

“The most popular season for crayfish is from May to July every year. At that time, the streets are full of diners from all over the country, but once the lobster season is over, everyone stops, and there are not many people coming.” Xuyi Li Xiangyang, director of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said.

How to continue the boom of crayfish in summer into winter has become a hurdle that the Xuyi lobster industry must overcome.

As a classic nighttime delicacy, crayfish is becoming more and more prosperous as the night economy becomes more and more prosperous. Among them, the thirteen-flavored crayfish cooked locally in Xuyi has become popular because of its unique style, which has brought fire to the local catering industry.

In recent years, as the reputation of Xuyi lobster has gradually started, lobster farming has gradually become a climate, and the modern agricultural industry system of “shrimp and rice symbiosis” has improved the quality of crayfish, enriched the villagers, and promoted the development of all industries. At present, the total area of ​​”shrimp and rice symbiosis” in the county has reached 665,000 mu, and the brand value of Xuyi lobster has reached 21.551 billion yuan.

Although the roasted lobster has become popular in Xuyi, the peak sales season of 3 to 4 months obviously cannot satisfy people’s desire for this delicacy. What is in front of Xuyi people is how to make Xuyi lobsters cross the growth cycle and satisfy the taste buds of diners throughout the year.

The new era of Internet thinking has given Xuyi Lobster a new way out. Today, Qian Haiwen, head of the supply chain of Xuyi County Red Fat Lobster Industry Group, pays the most attention to the sales of online platforms every day. “We moved the crayfish firing process from the kitchen to the production workshop. According to the standard cooking method, after washing with a bubble cleaning machine, high-temperature frying and other procedures, we added seasonings of different flavors, and went through standard technological processes such as liquid nitrogen quick-freezing. , fast boxed, sold all over the country.” Qian Haiwen said.

The well-known local catering companies in Xuyi have taken to the Internet one after another, and the cooked quick-frozen lobster processing enterprises have an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of whole processed and finished quick-frozen lobsters. Xuyi County also opened a “Characteristic China Xuyi Pavilion” on Taobao.com, which not only specializes in lobster sales, quick-frozen lobster products and lobster seasonings, but also adds “lobster rice”, lobster cultural creative products and even “lobster tour” tourism products.

Now, young people in Xuyi can not only cook lobster, but also learn how to bring goods online. Xiaoxiao, the anchor with goods, often promotes lobster products in the live broadcast room of the local lobster entrepreneurship college. “It turns out that I have also opened a restaurant for 3 years to cook lobsters. The live broadcast will start in early 2021, from the establishment of an account, to shooting, composition and editing, and hot topics. I learned a little bit from other aspects, and now I have sold more than 1,000 orders. This year’s online sales experience has given me a great sense of accomplishment, and I plan to continue doing it.”

The Xuyi lobster has also driven the sales of local condiments and other companies. Xu Jianzhong is the founder of Xuyi Xu Jianzhong Seasoning Co., Ltd., “My father was in the seasoning business. In the past, he made a living by setting up a stall and selling goods. I have been running a business for 30 years and have been providing more than 20 flavors of seasoning to the local lobster restaurant. Now I want to make full use of Internet marketing to develop my business.” Walking into Xu Jianzhong’s seasoning company, the warehouse is full of various seasonings purchased from all over the country. The production workshop is processing products of different specifications, including large packaged products suitable for restaurants and developed for online shopping groups. of single-use seasonings. “These seasonings can not only be used to cook lobster, but also other dishes. For this reason, we have also developed products such as hot sauce to meet consumers’ online shopping needs.” Xu Jianzhong said.

A late-night snack has made a city popular, and it has also driven more than 200,000 people in the county to join the lobster farming, trafficking, cooking and other industries, becoming a veritable “lobster capital”. Today, Xuyi is actively learning from the leaders in other regions and industries, and strives to produce more flavors of crayfish to meet the needs of more consumers, so that the business of crayfish will become more and more prosperous.

. Crayfish Fire Over Winter Internet Thinking Gives Xuyi Crayfish a New Way-Chinanews

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