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Dali heritage restored – China Daily Video

Dali heritage restored – China Daily Video

The Linden Centre is a meticulously restored traditional Bai courtyard home dating back to another era, developed with full support from the Xizhou government in Yunnan province and protected status at the same level as the Great Wall.

Brian Linden first came to China in 1984 to study Chinese in Beijing, and later worked as a cameraman and translator for CBS. He and his wife, Jeanee, have poured time, effort and money to create an example of how cultural heritage can be preserved while creating a platform for cultural exchange. The Lindens have raised two sons in their adopted community

“Xizhou is unique because it is a functioning village full of historical complexes,” Brian Linden says. “The Xizhou merchants of the 19th and early 20th centuries built over 100 stone and wood courtyard homes, most in the san fang yi zhao bi style [three sides of the courtyard dedicated to living quarters and one side highlighting a work of art]. These structures exist and currently function as homes and local businesses. They have not been gentrified nor sold to outsiders to open T-shirt shops.”

On China Daily’s Big Talk, he tells Mike Peters why that matters.

Dali heritage restored – China Daily Video

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