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Girlfriend, along with relatives, put the lover in the sandy gorges, put the dead body in the bushes

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Sanvaldan Ratnu.

Jaisalmer. A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in Jaisalmer district, adjacent to the India-Pakistan international border. Here a girlfriend, along with her family members, killed her boyfriend (Girlfriend killed boyfriend). After that the body was thrown into the bushes with the intention of committing suicide. Police recovered the body and arrested the accused. During interrogation, the accused have accepted their crime. The police is busy investigating the whole matter in depth. After the murder was revealed, anyone who heard about it was stunned.

Nachna Superintendent of Police Kailash Bishnoi said that the incident took place in the Nachna police station area of ​​Jaisalmer, a border district of International Border. The body of Dinaram Bhil (30), the victim of the murder, has been recovered from the bushes in the deserted area of ​​Mohangarh, adjacent to Nachna. Dinaram was murdered by his girlfriend Dhani and his family members. Later the body was thrown away.

On May 10, Dinaram had left the house without informing
In fact, Dinaram Bhil, a resident of Nachna, had left the house four days ago on May 10 without informing. Dinaram’s family members searched for him but could not find him. On this, exhausted, he reached the police and lodged a report. On the report of Dinaram’s family members, the police searched him in the surrounding areas including Nachana and Mohangarh but could not find any clue of him.

Suspicion of girlfriend’s family deepened like this
Later, when the police gathered information with technical assistance, the last location of Dinaram was found around Mohangarh. Meanwhile, the police came to know that Dinaram used to visit Mohangarh resident girlfriend Dhani frequently. Dinaram’s reconciliation with the rich was not liked by his family members. On this the suspicion of the police went on the family of the rich. The police interrogated the father of Dinaram’s girlfriend.

Girlfriend’s father accepted the crime during interrogation
During strict interrogation of Dhani’s father, he confessed his crime. Dhani’s father told that he along with his wife, son and Dhani killed Dinaram. After killing the dead body was thrown in the bushes in Hamir Nada (Mohangarh) area. Police recovered the mutilated body of Dinaram on the behest of Dhani’s relatives. After the body was found, the police arrested the accused in this case. He is being questioned further.

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, Girlfriend, along with relatives, put the lover in the sandy gorges, put the dead body in the bushes

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