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If you got cheated in love then opene Bewafa tea shop in Rohtas

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When she got infidelity with her girlfriend, then life brought her to the tea shop. The issue is related to Sasaram. Where a young man has cheated in love and opened a tea shop near the Tarachandi temple on the National Highway, and named his tea shop ‘Bewafa Tea Shop’. It is said that when infidelity was found in love, life came to the tea shop. Something similar is the story of Shrikant. Let us understand the whole matter.

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  • Girlfriend’s infidelity turned chaiwala
  • Tea for Rs 10 for cheaters
  • Made tea shop my life

Girlfriend’s infidelity turned chaiwala

Srikkanth was very much in love with his girlfriend, but both of them could not be together. The reason was that when it came to getting along on time, Srikant’s girlfriend left him. In such a situation, he got very angry and till yesterday the girlfriend in whose name he had vowed to give his life. Today, suffering from the infidelity of the same girlfriend, Shrikant has opened a tea shop remembering her deception. He also named it ‘Bewafa Tea Shop’.

Tea for Rs 10 for cheaters

Srikanth’s ‘Bewafa Chai’ counter is attracting people. When the lover, who was deceived in love, opened a tea shop, he has arranged two cups of tea for the couple for just Rs 15. Whereas for those who are deceived in love, it is selling 10 rupees per cup of tea. After wandering from door to door in love with his treacherous girlfriend for the last two years, he finally found his destination at this tea shop and is traveling on the highway today.

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Made tea shop my life

Shrikant’s shop is open. Whoever passes by, definitely goes by drinking the tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis unfaithful tea person. Because there is pain in its tea, there is love for love and there is a tinge to go away from your girlfriend. Shrikant has now made this tea shop his life, which is also his means of employment.

If you got cheated in love then opene Bewafa tea shop in Rohtas

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