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HomeWorldKhalikote University lacks teaching staff, students have to suffer
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Khalikote University lacks teaching staff, students have to suffer

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Khalikote University lacks teaching staff, students have to suffer

Khalikote University, which is one of the oldest educational centers in Odisha, is grappling with a shortage of teachers, even though the government has granted unitary university status to the institute in February 2020.

Now it seems that due to lack of regular teaching faculties, the education in the university has lagged behind. Out of 88 posts allotted for regular teaching faculties in 18 departments, 56 are vacant. Due to paucity of permanent teachers, the university is being run by 53 guest faculties.

According to sources 88 posts of lecturers are available in the university but only 22 regular lecturers are teaching the students. In addition, nine lecturers have been appointed on an ad-hoc basis. As a result, departments facing shortage of teaching staff are being taken care of by guest lecturers.

On the other hand, some visiting faculties alleged that the university authorities sacked them on May 1 without prior notice. The dismissal of guest faculties also caused outrage among students, who claimed that their education would be adversely affected by the shortage of teachers.

“Since guest faculty are not available right now, our courses will not be finished on time. It will be difficult for us to take the exam with incomplete courses,” said Bikash Maharana, a student.

Another student, Shubham Patnaik, said, “The number of guest faculties in our university was more than the permanent faculties. Overnight sacking of guest faculty will ruin our studies completely.

Vibhuti Bhushan Patra, a guest teacher alleged, “The university authorities have suddenly sacked 53 guest schools in violation of the UGC guidelines.”

Many organizations have also staged a sit-in protest against the firing of the guest faculty.

Indian Development Council President Surendra Panigrahi said, “We all want the university authorities to re-employ 53 guest faculties who have been sacked. In addition, the authorities need to re-employ 50 non-teaching staff. Those who were earlier dismissed on March 31, 2022 should take the initiative.”

When contacted, Khalikote University vice-chancellor Prafulla Kumar Mohanty said, “The appointment was given to the guest faculties through telephone calls. No official letter was issued to him during the appointment. Thus, we tell them about their dismissal only over the telephone. New guest faculties have been recruited in their place. Thus, education will not be interrupted at all. ,

, Khalikote University lacks teaching staff, students have to suffer

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