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mosam mp sagar | Before Nautpa, the ocean was burning like a furnace, the mercury reached 46 degrees

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On Saturday, people were troubled by the scorching sun and hot winds throughout the day. According to meteorologists, there will be relief from the heat after Sunday. There is a possibility of cloudy and light drizzle in many areas of the state from May 16. Most areas in the state will remain cloudy during the day, while there may be relief showers in the evening. Monsoon is likely to reach Madhya Pradesh in the second week of June.

Water crisis in summer In the summer season, there is a water crisis in many nearby areas. The water pipeline of Rajghat on the roadside in Mainpani is broken and water is falling continuously here. People here are filling the falling water in utensils with the help of cloth and taking them home. People are quenching their thirst by drinking water here in summer.

Heat stroke, dehydration symptoms and prevention

Drink more and more water and keep the body cool.

Wear thin and light colored cotton clothes that absorb sweat. If working in the open, cover the face, hands, feet and head with a wet cloth.

Carry plenty of clean drinking water with you while travelling. – Use home-made beverages including ORS in excess of lassi, lemonade and buttermilk. Put curtains on the doors and windows of the house. Keep the doors and windows of the room open in the morning and evening, so that the room remains cool.

Take extra care of the elderly including pregnant women and young children. Remedy to prevent skin related diseases – The skin gets scorched in strong sunlight. Red rash and itching occur. Being exposed to excessive sunlight and ignoring skin diseases can be dangerous.

To avoid the sun, cover your face and hands with a cotton cloth and go out. Do not allow sunlight to come in direct contact with the skin. The temperature remained like this throughout the day at 8.30 am – 34.0

11.30 am – 41.8 pm 2.30 pm – 45.6 pm 5.30 pm – 41.6 (note-temperature is in °C)

, mosam mp sagar | Before Nautpa, the ocean was burning like a furnace, the mercury reached 46 degrees

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