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Netizens question whether it is an “IQ tax” after the three brands push beer over 1,000 yuan jqknews

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Netizens question whether it is an “IQ tax” after the three brands push beer over 1,000 yuan jqknews

 Three major brands push beer over 1,000 yuan, netizens questioned that beer is difficult to collect and cannot appreciate
Is the price of beer more expensive than Moutai an “IQ tax”

With the Spring Festival approaching, the gift wine market is bustling again. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that Qingdao and Budweiser have launched thousands of yuan-level beer products before the Spring Festival. Coupled with China Resources, which launched similar products last year, there is a tendency that products that come out later are more expensive. Many netizens questioned whether these beers cannot be used for collection like liquor, and whether it is an “IQ tax”.

Brands have successively pushed thousands of beer products

After China Resources launched the high-end beer “Li” last year, Qingdao and Budweiser also joined the battle for the thousand-yuan beer. The Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that on the e-commerce platform, the price of China Resources Beer Liquor is 999 yuan (1 liter for 2 bottles), and the price of Tsingtao Beer’s “Legend of the World” product is 1399 yuan/bottle (1.5 liters). Wei Beer’s limited edition gift box for the Year of the Tiger is priced at 1,588 yuan per bottle (798 ml). Judging from the launch time of related products, there is a tendency that the market price becomes more expensive as the night goes on. Budweiser’s product pricing has even surpassed that of Feitian Moutai.

According to the introduction of relevant online stores, the above thousand yuan beer is not a traditional “industrial product”. For example, Li Beer uses millet, millet, barley and lily in the raw materials, which is intended to restore the predecessor products of beer in Chinese history. In addition to special raw materials, the thousand-yuan beers launched by Tsingtao and Budweiser are also brewed in oak barrels and bourbon barrels respectively. The fermentation time, alcohol content and original wort concentration of the above products are several times higher than those of ordinary beer products, and they are all non-free drinking products.

However, a reporter from Beiqing Daily also noticed that, as a non-free drinking product, the e-commerce price of Budweiser Craft Master Zhenzang Beer is 195 yuan/798ml.

Questioned by netizens as an “intelligence quotient tax”

Although many consumers have accepted the craft beer offered in restaurants with a price of nearly 100 yuan a cup, for the domestic beer industry, where products above 10 yuan are classified as mid-to-high-end products, from more than 10 yuan to 1,000 yuan, the pace is very fast. Not too big.

The appearance of thousand yuan beer also caused controversy among netizens. Some netizens believe that beer also wants to catch up with the “high-end” trend like liquor, and use ultra-high-priced products to drive up the stock price and performance. Some netizens believe that this is an “IQ tax” for beer companies to cut leeks.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from consumer feedback that most consumers who buy thousand-yuan beer are curious. Due to technological problems, beer cannot be stored for a long time, so there is no such thing as the so-called vintage wine of high-end red wine and white wine being more valuable, and there is no investment or collection value in itself.

The significance of market share is more obvious

So why are there so many companies launching thousand-yuan beer? Cai Xuefei, a liquor industry analyst, said that in the long run, unlike liquor, beer currently does not have social and gift attributes, and the premium capacity of ultra-high-end products is insufficient, so the overall proportion is still small, and more is corporate marketing to build momentum and seize brands. High point product.

A reporter from Beiqing Daily learned that compared with the liquor industry, the beer industry has been in a period of flat production in recent years. However, benefiting from the willingness of post-90s consumers to consume high-end beer of more than 10 yuan, the beer industry’s profit growth has exceeded sales revenue in recent years.

A reporter from Beiqing Daily learned that data released by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association showed that from January to November 2021, the sales revenue of beer enterprises above designated size in my country was 148.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 8%; the profit was 17.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24%. %. Among them, the gross profit margins of Budweiser Asia Pacific, Chongqing Beer, Tsingtao Beer and China Resources Beer have increased to varying degrees.

Analysts believe that the beer price increase since last year has not caused a bad reputation in the market, which means that the competitive strategy of beer companies has gradually shifted from the price game and the staking model of price-for-volume to improving profitability through product structure upgrades. In the context of consumption upgrading, beer companies have made high-end layouts to achieve further development. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, the proportion of high-end beer products will reach 15% to 20%.

At present, the domestic beer industry has entered a stage of strong competition. In the existing market, only the ultra-high-end beer market is still a relatively blue ocean. Except for craft beer, consumers do not know much about it, so it has become a major beer brand. The battlefield for the right to speak. Compared with the product itself, the significance of marketing momentum and market share is more obvious.

However, analysts also said that although thousand-yuan beer has brought topics and traffic to enterprises, it is still unknown whether consumers can accept the pricing of such products, and may also bring backlash from word of mouth. At the same time, for the market, although the company intends to seize the commanding heights of the brand, beer products are still in a pyramid structure, and waist and tower base products are still the main body of market consumption.Text/Coordinator Zhang Xin, reporter of this newspaper/Yu Meiying

. Netizens question whether it is an “IQ tax” after the three brands push beer over 1,000 yuan jqknews

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