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Pakistani Honeytrap Module: Dangerous Agenda of Espionage, Know How It Works, Read Inside Story

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Jaipur. Trapped in the Honeytrap of a Pakistani female agent, Indian Army Gunner Pradeep has given many secret information, videos and photos of Pakistani intelligence agent, including the video of the missile test in Pokaran. During interrogation it came to light that Jawan Pradeep was so madly in love with this Pakistani female agent that she gave this information to him without taking any money. Not only this, about 7 soldiers were also introduced to this vicious female spy. Investigating agencies are also investigating the mobiles of those soldiers. But till now the information about giving information of those soldiers has not come to the fore.

In fact, the vicious female agent who trapped Gunner Pradeep in his love trap used to talk under the name Riya. She used to introduce herself to the Military Nursing Service in Bangalore. He had kept pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses in his room so that no one would have any doubts. Riya used to talk to Pradeep in Rajasthani also to make him feel that he is local and Indian. Riya has so far trapped 10 jawans in a honeytrap with confidential information and given it to the ISI. Pradeep got Riya’s call for the first time 7 months ago. He called her to meet him and then took a friendship knot on social media.

How dangerous is Pakistan’s honeytrap module
This honeytrap module of ISI is operated from Army Cantt located in Sindh, Pakistan. Actually ISI hires local poor and college girls for honeytrap. Then they are given training of Pakistan Intelligence Operative. In this, they are given special training of honeytrap to get information from the military bases of Rajasthan and Gujarat near the Indo-Pakistan border.

Works under Captain level officer
The girls made agents work under the captain level officer of the Pakistani army. They are identified and given ID on social media by joining the Indian Army, Police and BSF through open source intelligence on social media. After this the agents start their work on the basis of these IDs to trap them in the honeytrap.

Images of Hindu deities are made into a place of worship.
These agents are given a makeup kit. In the room, a place of worship is made of the pictures of Hindu deities. Rajasthani and Gujarati language is also taught to trap Indian soldiers. She wears Indian clothes ranging from saris to Rajasthani dresses. Crossing the border first traps a local and obtains the Indian number for WhatsApp through the OTP of his phone. Then WhatsApp from Indian numbers traps the soldiers in the trap.

Blackmails through dirty videos
As soon as the soldiers are convinced, it goes beyond friendship and implicates the soldiers through wrong pictures and videos. Sends them dirty videos. She pretends to spend time together and get married. If the jawan refuses to give information, then blackmails them through dirty videos made with technology.

Payment is done in crypto currency
After being trapped in the honeytrap, instead of information, talks about money in the account. But now payment is being made in crypto currency instead of cash. Earlier money was deposited directly into the account. Now both the options are given. But insist on taking payment in Kipto. The lady agent asks for the same information as the Captain level monitoring officer. He also arranges the payment from another agent.

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, Pakistani Honeytrap Module: Dangerous Agenda of Espionage, Know How It Works, Read Inside Story

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