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Rajya Sabha elections: Hemaram Choudhary claims no MLA is angry, fencing will be done if needed

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Jaipur. The ruckus of the Rajya Sabha elections has started in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the voices of displeasure in the Congress are increasing the difficulties. Hemaram Choudhary, the cabinet minister of the Gehlot government, has said that no Congress MLA is angry. Congress will win 3 seats in any case. On the matter of displeasure of Dungarpur MLA Ganesh Ghoghra, Hemaram Chaudhary said that he is not angry, but he has only put his point before the Chief Minister.

Minister Hemaram Chaudhary said that in the Rajya Sabha elections, along with independents and BTP, other allies will also support the Congress and 3 seats will come in the account of Congress. Hemaram Chaudhary said that even if no one believes in this right now, but on June 10, everyone will agree to this. Hemaram Choudhary comes from the pilot camp and last year he too had created a political ruckus by resigning from the post of MLA. Now Hemaram Chaudhary is saying that no one should be angry.

Congress will announce tickets in next 3-4 days
Minister Hemaram said that the alliance of the Congress with the Indian Tribal Party was good even earlier and it is still there. On the other hand, Hemaram Chaudhary said on fencing that if needed, fencing will also be done. On the other hand, many Congress leaders have camped in Delhi for tickets and the process of lobbying has started. It is believed that the Congress will announce the tickets in the next 3-4 days.

There is a tussle going on among Congress MLAs
It is noteworthy that there has been a tussle between the Congress MLAs for a long time. The MLAs and ministers of the party have created problems for the government many times in the recent past. A girl rape case has been registered in Delhi against the son of cabinet minister Mahesh Joshi. The name of Chief Deputy Whip Mahendra Chaudhary has come up in the murder case of history sheeter Jaipal Poonia in Nawan City of Nagaur.

The party doesn’t want to offend anyone at the moment.
Dholpur’s Bari MLA Girraj Singh Malinga has been arrested for assaulting electricity officials. But so far no action has been taken against any of them at the party level. It is believed that in view of the Rajya Sabha elections, the Congress does not want to take any such step, which will anger any MLA and cause damage to the party.

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, Rajya Sabha elections: Hemaram Choudhary claims no MLA is angry, fencing will be done if needed

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