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Son did cyber attack on father, hacked phone and sent wrong message, police also surprised

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Jaipur. In Jaipur, Rajasthan, a student cyber-attacked his own father. He made some photos viral by hacking his father’s phone. After the father’s complaint, the police took all the 3 phones and investigated, it was revealed that the son studying in the 8th standard had hacked the phone. Not only this, he put a chip in the house and told the family that espionage is taking place. A 13 year old student studying in 8th standard in Harmada police station area of ​​Jaipur did such an act that everyone from family to police is surprised. Had done it. Then the father was not only posting the wrong message on the phone. Not only this, he also made threats.

The family took it as a hacker’s handiwork and gave a complaint to the police. The police investigated with the help of cyber expert Mukesh Chaudhary. When Mukesh Chaudhary investigated all the three phones confiscated by the family, it came to light that the other phone was hacked from the phone of one member of the family, in the meantime, when the matter of espionage came to light by putting chips in the house, then the police arrested the house. examined. Then it came to light that this student plays games for hours by taking uncle’s phone. Then the police questioned this student. of his counseling. Then he first said that the hacker got his parents hacked by threatening to kill them and hypnotizing them.

Student opened secrets in police counseling
police When he counseled the student, he accepted the fact that he was in contact with hackers, but hacking was done by himself and not on the behest of the hacker. He wanted to try his own hacking skills by hacking his father’s phone. During hacking, he sent many wrong messages to his father. By sending a message to the father, he said that he knows about his girlfriend.

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Actually a link came on his phone during gaming. The child opened it and filled all the details asked for. Shared the mobile number and also the OTP. Cyber ​​fraud did not happen, but the child opened the parent’s social media account on uncle’s mobile and posted it wrongly. Fearing being caught, friends also threatened parents on WhatsApp. Cyber ​​expert Mukesh Chaudhary of Police Commissionerate said that such a case has come for the first time. Investigation revealed that the child had installed a mobile hacking app to hack the mobile phones of the family members. After this strange animations started coming on the phone. He also deleted the entire data of the mobile, so that the parents would believe in him.

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, Son did cyber attack on father, hacked phone and sent wrong message, police also surprised

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