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SSLV first flight today, ISRO will create new history | First flight of SSLV today, ISRO to create history

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According to highly placed sources in ISRO, there will be only a five-hour countdown for the SSLV launch, which will start at 4.18 am. During the countdown, the SSLV’s Velocity Trimming Module (VTM) will be filled with 50 kg of liquid fuel as well as the final check-up procedures. There is a countdown of 25 to 26 hours for PSLV and GSLV launch.

This mission of ISRO will be historic in many ways. ISRO will be the first experimental launch of this new rocket after the successful operationalization of PSLV, GSLV Mark-2 and Mark-3. With the development of this rocket, ISRO will have a separate rocket for launching all classes of satellites.

all eyes on success
Now another rocket SSLV will be added in the history of ISRO, which will bring satellites weighing 10 to 500 kg into low earth orbit. The private industries of the country are also eyeing the development of SSLV.

First mission, two satellites
In its maiden mission ‘SSLV D-1/EOS-02’, this newly developed rocket will put two satellites in low earth orbit. The main payload is the Earth Observation Satellite EOS-02 with a total weight of 135 kg. The second satellite is ‘Azadi Sat’, which has been built by 750 girl students from 75 schools in the country. The total weight of the ‘Azadi set’ is 8 kg and carries a total of 75 payloads. The weight of each payload is approximately 50 grams. After 13 minutes of launch, the SSLV will put both the satellites in the Earth’s orbit, which is being watched by the whole country.

sslv_d1.jpgA Look at ISRO’s Rocket History

  • Sounding rocket launches for the study of the upper atmosphere in the 1960s
  • First sounding rocket launched from Thumba in 1963
  • In 1980, the SLV-3 was developed which could place satellites weighing up to 40 kg into low Earth orbit.
  • This was followed by the development of the ASLV, which was capable of placing satellites weighing up to 150 kg into a 400 km circular orbit of the Earth.
  • PSLV’s first launch in September 1993 failed
  • PSLV most reliable rocket since its first success in 1994. Missions like Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan were launched from PSLV itself.
  • The first launch of GSLV in 2001 for the launch of heavy satellites, but after 13 years in the year 2014, this rocket became operational.
  • The first launch of GSLV Mark-3 took place in December 2014, Gaganyaan mission will also be launched from GSLV Mark-3 itself.

, SSLV first flight today, ISRO will create new history | First flight of SSLV today, ISRO to create history

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