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Unique story: Deer’s orphan child Lawrence was raised for 9 months, now after awakening the night and leaving like a daughter

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Sanvaldan Ratnu.

Jaisalmer. A family of Bishnoi Samaj, known for protecting wildlife and environment in Rajasthan, has set a unique example. The family of Shiv Subhag Manju, a resident of Dholiya village of Pokaran area, raised an orphan deer like their own child. After that, after organizing night awakening and group food, bidding her farewell like her daughter, she has been sent to the rescue center located in Lohawat of Jodhpur district.

This whole matter of love towards wildlife is related to Dholiya village of Pokaran. About nine months ago, a female deer gave birth to a child near Sanavada village of Pokaran. 15 days after giving birth, the female deer was attacked and killed by stray dogs. On this, Dholiya resident Shiva Subhag brought the deer to his house to save the child. Shiva Subhag’s religious wife Shiv Sonia took care of the deer child like her own child and started feeding cow’s milk.

Laurence’s fear of humans ended
Shiv Subhag’s family named the deer child as ‘Lawrence’. This deer baby is now nine months old. After living together for nine months, Hiran Lawrence has become so attached to Shiva Subhag’s family that he has started living around them all day. After going a little farther, as soon as the family called him by name, he would come running to them. This is nothing less than a movie scene. This thing about the family relationship between humans and animals is also special because in the wild, deer is such an animal that when it comes to humans, it runs away from mere sound.

From children to elders, everyone drinks milk from their hands.
Shiv Subhag’s wife Shiv Sonia raised this male deer like her own child by feeding her milk from a bottle. Lawrence plays with Shiv Subhag’s children Shiv Suchi, Shiv Savitri, Shiv Shilpa and Shiv Shelendra throughout the day. Shiv Subhag told that Lawrence is so fickle that within a few days he became familiar. His fear of humans was over. He drinks milk from the hands of everyone, from children to elders.

Lawrence was sent to the rescue center because
When he goes out of the house, he is afraid of being attacked by stray dogs. In view of this, it was decided to send Lawrence to the rescue center. Earlier, night Jagran was organized at home. On Friday, after organizing a group meal, Lawrence has been sent to the Rescue Center in Lohawat, giving farewell to her like a daughter.

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, Unique story: Deer’s orphan child Lawrence was raised for 9 months, now after awakening the night and leaving like a daughter

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