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Government School Sports Ground | The youth made the barren ground a stadium by working as laborers in MNREGA

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young workers
Complaints are often made regarding payment of wages in MNREGA, but the youth of the village got the amount approved under MNREGA with the efforts of Energy Minister Bhanwar Singh Bhati and Sarpanch Sharda Bishnoi to give this 12 bigha land the form of a sports ground. After this the youth started working on their own by forming a team and became laborers. The funny thing is that the amount coming from MGNREGA in the form of wages has also been used by the youth to develop the field instead of putting them in their pockets. For the last two months, the youth team is engaged in work from morning till evening in summer and rain.

it’s done
Players Sadasuk Dharani and Bhagirath Godara told that 15 years ago only the boundary wall of the ground was built. After this, he never handled the essence of this ground, so in view of the lack of youth sports ground, the work started with the efforts of both the Sarpanch and the Energy Minister. After this, a large number of bushes were removed by leveling the ground with tractors for a month. Construction of tube well for water system, water ditches, electrical connection, one room and main gate has been completed. Here 70 percent work of athletics track has been completed. The construction work of the pitch has been started by pouring soil in the cricket and football fields.

These games will be held
Deputy Sarpanch and players Bajrang Bhambhu and Banwarilal Poonia informed that a 400 meter athletics track, football, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho and volleyball ground besides a park would be developed. In this, the match going on in the ground will also be enjoyed which will be more than 20 feet above the ground.

MNREGA scheme became a bridge
Sarpanch representative Sahiram Godara told that apart from the boundary wall there was nothing in the ground. Under MGNREGA, raw and concrete work is being done with an amount of about 10 lakhs. The youth changed the look of the ground by making up their mind.

Sports activities will start soon
Subhash Beniwal and Srichand Dhyal told that many sports grounds were to be built on 12 bighas of land. For this, a campaign was started to make a high level ground by making a map. Soon school and open sports competitions will start on the ground.

Allotment of land in the name of school
There is no playground in the village. At the same time, everyone was disappointed because the sports ground of the Government Higher Secondary School was also about 2 kilometers away and was barren. On this, the youth of the village met the school principal Hetram Dudi, lecturer Kailashdan Deval, senior teacher Srichand Dhyal and physical teacher Omprakash Bishnoi and sought guidance on preparing this ground, then the school staff also joined this campaign of youth in getting the ground ready. .

team changed photo
Bajrang Bhambhu, Ram Niwas Dharian, Anil Godara, Sadasukh Dharian, Omprakash Dhyal, Bhagirath Godara, Banwarilal Poonia, Subhash Beniwal, Rajendra Dhyal, Imilal Bhambhu, Richpal, Kishan Dehdu, Jaiprakash Beniwal, Balwant Beniwal and other youth of the village are involved in this campaign. .

, Government School Sports Ground | The youth made the barren ground a stadium by working as laborers in MNREGA

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