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Search from Heaven to Hades, but bring ‘God’…! Why did the civil judge give this order, you also read

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Jaipur. Keshavarai Patan in Bundi district civil judge An order of Vikas Nehra is in discussion in social media these days. In this order of the Judicial Magistrate, there is a direction to serve the warrant to the police station officer of the police station, if the ASI is not present even after being summoned repeatedly. In this, Judicial Officer Vikas Nehra has commented, ‘Witness Bhagwan Singh Make sure that the service of the witness must be done by searching it from heaven to Hades’, so that the old cases can be disposed of in a time bound manner. This is the order of the Judicial Magistrate these days. viral in social media Happening.

Actually, this command Civil Court of Keshavarai Patan in 6 pending cases. Its research was done by ASI Bhagwan Singh. In these cases, witness Bhagwan Singh was to appear. But he was not appearing in the court even after repeated summons. Because of this the court was not able to dispose of these cases. It is worth noting that all these cases are more than five years old. recently High Court It has directed the lower courts to dispose of cases older than five years at the earliest.

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Copy of the order of the court of Keshoraipatan.

Bhagwan Singh did research

In the past, when the pending cases were heard in this court of Keshavarai Patan, once again there was a need to present the witness Bhagwan Singh. Then the judicial officer gave such strict instructions to the police. civil court Police Station Kapren The SHO has been directed to get the warrants issued against Bhagwan Singh executed. Because while being ASI in the police station, Bhagwan Singh had researched all these cases.

4.25 lakh cases pending in subordinate courts

More than five years old in the lower courts of Rajasthan More than 4 lakh cases pending Huh. According to the data of 31 December 2020 in subordinate courts, about 4.25 lakh such cases are pending. Out of these, 82,221 cases are pending for almost 10 years. The remaining 3,43,209 cases are pending for 5 years. Of these, 1,18,508 are civil and 3,06,922 are criminal cases.

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, Search from Heaven to Hades, but bring ‘God’…! Why did the civil judge give this order, you also read

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